For Physicians

We get you. We are physicians too. Challenge your skills in places they are needed most. We are seeking exceptional physicians committed to bringing high-quality equitable emergency care to Native American communities right now.

For Hospitals

From recruitment and credentialing, to staff and workflow optimization, our comprehensive emergency staffing services are guided by our founders’ deep personal roots in and dedication to underserved Native American communities.


We care for a proud people. The Native American culture remains ever present and strong, despite being an underrepresented community experiencing alarming health epidemics. Our interactions with them every day inspire everything that we do.

Who We Are

Pinnacle partners with rural and tribal communities to provide excellent emergency care, delivered with purpose, to the communities who need it the most.

We envision a future where every community, especially those in resource poor areas, has access to high quality emergency care provided by dependable, compassionate, and qualified emergency medicine clinicians.

In 2020 Pinnacle partnered with Arc Health PBC. More on why Arc Health and Pinnacle EMG are Public Benefit Corporations here. Check out the Arc Health reports page for PBC reports.

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Let’s work together to provide the quality emergency care that our Native American communities deserve.